How to win at craps – basic craps tips

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Craps is a type of dice game. In spite of fact that its rules are not very difficult, the outcome of this game assumes many variants. The complexity of craps consists in the variety of betting options. That is why, it is quite important to learn the odds of this games and practice it online. To play the best craps game gambler at least has to learn its basic tips. The same as roulette main tips, craps ones are mostly regarding to their betting options.

Playing Craps

Playing process is divided into two stages. First one - Come out roll determines the point number, second stage is called Point roll and indicates all followed-up rolls. After the bets are made, the first roll assumes following combinations:

  • Craps - the total amount of points is equal to 2 or 3. The Pass Line Bet wins and Don't pass loses. In case if 12 all bets are back to the players.
  • Natural - if the total amount equals to 7 and 11. Don't pass line is losing.
  • Point. The rolled number is fixed for further continuation of the game. Point number may be 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 12.
Tips to Follow

More often bets are made on Pass line, Don't pass line, Come and Don't come, but there exist much more types of bets such as Odds, Lose, Win, Big 6 etc. However to play craps it is not enough just to know main rules and betting types, player is recommended to read useful tips:

  • According to the wish of gambler to play for a long time, it is better to make bets on Pass/don't pass or Come/don't come. In opposite case, stake on high-odds bets.
  • In case of win raise the bet and lower in case of lose.
  • Keep on playing game after win.
  • Before start playing, learn all possible odds of the game.
  • Follow gaming ethics. Be careful while making bets, because some shooters may be tolerated, when others may be rebuked by casino employee.