Roulette winning tips – play roulette online and win!

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The process of playing roulette is not difficult the same as rules of the game. The outcome of the round depends on the type of bet and type of roulette. There are two roulette types: American and European. American roulette is trickier, because it has double zero on the table layout and accordingly less opportunity to succeed. European type of roulette is more preferable among gamblers. However, before starting game, it wouldn't be bad to read roulette tips and apply them on practice for free in online casino.

Tips of Roulette

Let's look on some important tips that will be effective in roulette game both in land-based and in virtual casinos:

  • Play European roulette as it gives more privileges. As statistics shows the house advantage in European roulette is 2.7 percent when in American it is 5.26.
  • Select the best casino which has high payout percentages.
  • Establish money limit.
  • Make bets on outside options, which are Odd or Even, Red or Black, Columns or Dozens High or Low. These types of bets have low payouts, but high probabilities.
  • Watch on the previous game. If the last winning numbers were red, there is a probability that next numbers will be of opposite color.
  • Play on table if there is any in casino, which has "la Partage" or "In Prison" rules.
  • If player would like to try his luck by betting on one number, it is recommended to make additional bets that have higher odds and will cover probably lost amount.
  • Do not use particular roulette system, because it doesn't grant a win.

In comparison to blackjack tips, roulette tips are more simplified, because of the absence of mathematical counting system. Indisputably, professional gamblers always try to find winning strategy in roulette, there even exist several betting systems such as Fibonacci, Martingale etc., but roulette is a game of chance. It is impossible to predict the result of the spin, because it is random. Therefore, there is no sense to count numbers which came up in past build some strategy.