Win at video poker – main tips

Video poker tips image

Electronic machines are the most famous type of all games represented in casino. People like them because of their simplicity and quickness of the result. There are variations of electronic machines such as Slots, Video Poker, Lottery etc. Video poker game is based on the rules of card game poker. Video Poker has some variations the most popular one is Jacks or Better.

Rules and Tips of Video Poker

Five cards are dealt on the screen, player choose cards that he wants to keep and changes undesirable cards by pressing Draw button. The winning amount depends on the style of the game and on the paytable. On the screen there are five columns, each one is in game depending on coins that are inserted. To hit a Royal Flush player should use five coins ("Max Bet").

As any other casino game such as Roulette or Blackjack, Video poker has particular tips that increase winning chances. Of course, Roulette tips are much more complicated than Video poker ones, but all of them serve as a good basis. Winning video poker hints are as follows:

  • Set the amount that could be spent. In spite of there are meanings that video poker has its strategy. This is a rude mistake, because cards in video poker are selected randomly.
  • Decide which variation of Video Poker will be played. Because of the variety of video poker games, it is advisable to make the acquaintance of the chosen variant.
  • Practice chosen variant in free online casino. It will help to protect player from possible failure.
  • Examine payout tables of all machines. In other words, player must determine how much will be paid in case of full house or straight. If machine pays 9 coins for full house and 6 for straight it is full pay machine.
  • Bet the maximum amount of coins. It will increase the possibility to win a jackpot.